Mentoring / Speaking

Thank you for taking the time to inquire about my mentoring sessions. Being able to help others not only get their foot in the door, but also learn from my mistakes, has always been a passion of mine. While I do not claim to be the ultimate expert on any of this, with 13 years of experience in working in music, running my own business, and consulting for many successful businesses, I am extremely confident that I can help you.

There are two types of mentoring I offer, I have outlined them for you below.

My one time mentoring sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to either pick my brain with a full on Q&A or pick topics ahead of time that you would like to discuss and learn about. Below are just SOME of the sessions I have had in the past to help bands, students, and those hoping to pursue a career in music….

  • Musicians: Becoming an LLC: registering your band, getting a Tax ID, setting it up as a business, etc.
  • Musicians: Find Your Sound: Critiquing your music, offering advice on direction to go, suggesting producers, etc.
  • Musicians: Hit The Road: How to book your own shows, tours, and survive on the road
  • Musicians: Branding Your Band: How to stand out in a sea of similarity
  • Musicians: More Than Just Spam: How to build a fan base and get the right people to hear your music
  • Individuals: Getting Started: How to get your foot in the door with the music industry
  • Individuals: Starting Your Business: setting up an LLC, creating P&L sheets, sending offers to bands, etc.
  • Individuals: Getting Hired: creating an appealing resume, cleansing socials for potential employers, getting experience that matters, etc.
  • Individuals: A Promoter’s Life: How to survive the ups, downs, and not always glamorous world of promoting concerts
  • Individuals: The Importance of Self-Branding: More than just posting selfies and adding strangers

MONTHLY MENTORING PROGRAM – Cost $100/month ($25 off 1st month)
My monthly mentoring program is a little bit different. This is my opportunity to inspire you on a daily basis, answer your questions, motivate you, check on you, and be available to you on a regular basis. Anyone that is trusting me to be their mentor will receive my phone number, email address, and we will be able to work together to reach your goals.

Obviously you could do some research and find both my phone number and email address, but I will only be speaking with those that are a part of my program as it is very limited to only a select few. I will not oversell the program and be too busy for any of you. There is no generic auto response or half ass version of this, you get the real me. 

I LOVE speaking at schools, conferences, events, whatever I can do. If you are interested in having me speak or sit on a panel or being a part of a discussion or whatever it is, please email me!

I have previously spoken at UCLA, SMU, Launch Music Conference, IMI Conference, Texas A&M, and more!