I have seen a lot of my friends in the industry doing various fundraisers between music sales, t-shirt sales, concert tickets, etc. to raise money for the ACLU. While I am not a talented musician, I am not artistic, and I don’t have too much to offer for a fundraiser, I did decide to do what I can to help raise money and awareness for the cause.

There are a few different ways I am going to raise money and if you don’t think they are worth your money or you aren’t interested, you can still donate to the ACLU directly right here. It’s perfectly fine for you to have no reason to see value in what I am offering but still want to help fight the good fight. For those of you that do see value, the options I am offering are below. 50% of each package will be donated and I will gladly post about how much money I was able to raise through this.

$10 – Music Review // Unlimited
If you are in a band and you would like to send me your music and receive actual feedback, notes, and advice on it, you can select this option and email me your music and I will send you back anything you’d care to know in a very prompt reply.

$50 – Mentoring Session // Limited to 20
Whether you would like advice on working in music, advice on your band, or advice on your small business, I will do a 1 hour skype session or phone call with you to discuss anything and everything you’d like to discuss. But the help doesn’t stop there, my email inbox will be open for you to have constant communication moving forward on anything you’d like to ask.

$200 – IMI Conference VIP // Limited to 20
The IMI Conference will be coming to Nashville in Fall 2017 and returning to Los Angeles in Winter early 2018. The VIP for IMI will get you admission to the conference of your choice, a VIP only t-shirt for the event, a dinner with myself and some of the other panelists, and a one-on-one mentoring session.

$500 – ULTIMATE So What?! Music Festival Experience // Limited to 10
This donation will get you guest access to So What?! Music Festival where you will be able to watch your favorite bands from side stage and see the ins and outs of how the festival works with all access including a tour of the venue with myself and my team.

DISCLAIMER: Prior to the event you will be given a “code of conduct” and failure to follow the rules will result in downgrading your pass to General Admission. Also, side stage access is always subject to approval by the artists performing.

SQ Cash: $MichaelZiemer

Once you send your payment, please email with the subject ACLU FUNDRAISER and include what your transaction was for and I will send you instructions on how to proceed!

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