The cool thing about living in Los Angeles is that life becomes more and more random. Growing up in Orange County, believe it or not, baseball was my life. I was a huge fan of the California Angeles (as they were called back then) and tried to go to as many games as possible. I also was quite the awesome baseball player myself, so it was only natural that I loved movies about baseball, especially the movie Rookie Of The Year staring Thomas Ian Nicholas as Henry Rowengartner. As I grew up, so did Thomas, and I was able to follow his movie career to the American Pie series where he starred as Kevin Myers and him and his friends taught my entire generation how to party. Fast forward to 2016, I’m hanging out at a bar with my friend Ryan Seaman and he introduces me to Thomas. I would say we hit it off pretty well right off the bat talking about music and movies, so much so that I now call Thomas not only a friend, but one of the talented artists I am privileged to work with at Evolve Management.

I asked Thomas to be the first guest playlist here at A Promoter’s Life. Check it out below!

“It’s Saturday and I’m doing what I do most weekends… work. I’m not on a film set, though I will be filming in New Orleans in a couple of weeks, slaying a shark in a trailer park. As my eyes are glued to a computer screen – I’m listening to this playlist that I made recently. I love listening to all the these tracks and most of them have a story behind them. Like how I discovered them, how it reminds me of time in my life when I started listening to them or because these are my favorite tunes from some of “tour life” friends. I guess if you want to know the whole story behind any one track, drop me a message. I’ll be here… staring at my computer working and I could use a break to connect.”  – Thomas Ian Nicholas

Connect with Thomas on Instagram and Twitter and be sure to give his playlist below a listen and follow!

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