Reasons To Come To So What?! Music Festival Early

Below are some solid reasons you should make it out to So What?! Music Festival early. The first few are shameless plugs for awesome items you can purchase, the rest are awesome bands you should check out! I will keep adding to this up until the festival! Stoked to see everyone at the festival! 

Plan ahead and make your schedule right here.

1. We have 30 VERY LIMITED custom made SW?! shirts available at the Native Trashion booth.

2. We have VERY LIMITED pins thanks to Then, Now, Always. First 50 people in line on Saturday get them for free, the rest will be for sale at their booth!

3. We have REALLY awesome new merch we will be unveiling tomorrow on this blog from Merch Now! Some of the items such as our “dad hats” are VERY LIMITED.

Okay…. now let’s get to the bands, starting with Saturday

4. Young Lungs (Toronto) on Main Stage 1 @ 11:35am

5. Call Me Karizma (Minneapolis, MN) on Main Stage 1 @ 12:25pm

6. Closure (Denton, TX) on Main Stage 1 @ 12:50pm

7. Recent Rumors (Dallas, TX) on Stage 3 @ 1:25pm

8. Blindwish (Dallas, TX) on Main Stage 1 @ 1:40pm

9. Marty Grimes (San Francisco, CA) on Main Stage 1 @ 2:05pm

10. Run 2 Cover (Phoenix, AZ) on Stage 3 @ 2:25pm

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