The News Can Wait Makes History For Label

The new self-titled EP from The News Can Wait has only been up for pre-order for 5 days and has already broken Third String Records‘ previous sales records for pre-orders by surpassing the record previously held by Assuming We Survive. That band’s self-titled release comes out July 7th, giving them 3 more weeks of pre-order sales and first week sales to potentially hit the Billboard charts, which would be a first for Third String Records.

Label owner Mike Ziemer credits the early success of the album to the band and label’s decision to make the EP affordable for everyone. Ziemer and the band put it into perspective that a $2.99 pre-order is cheaper than a cup of coffee, a beer, or a shot… all of which the band’s fanbase is known for purchasing, especially at their live shows… well maybe not the coffee part.

The band is currently gearing up to leave for tour starting July 1st in Oklahoma City. Check out the first single, Slime, below as well as the merch bundle options.

For as low as $2.99 or as high as $15, you can help Third String Records on their mission to have The News Can Wait be the first artist on their label to chart on Billboard and receive the single Slime instantly!

$2.99 iTunes pre-order:

$15 MerchNow Bundle pre-order:

The label, started in the summer of 2014, has put out just shy of a dozen releases so far, check them out below!

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