Some information about So What?! Music Festival

With So What?! Music Festival now less than a week away, I wanted to emphasize some important things for all of you that plan to attend. These range from tickets to your safety, so it might me worth your time to read.

DO NOT buy tickets from StubHub or any other ticketing that isn’t Ticketfly for GA tickets, Soundrink for VIP tickets or GetStreetTeam for Street Team tickets. Other sites will try to over charge you and make you believe our event is sold out. The venue can hold 10,000 attendees per day and will not be sold out.

In the event that you do not want to buy online, you can purchase a physical ticket from a local band or simply walk up day of show and purchase one at our box office. All day. Both Saturday and Sunday.

Currently, the forecast calls for some clouds but mostly sunshine. In the event that this changes, this IS a rain or shine event. The only time anything would be postponed, delayed, or cancelled is high winds, tornados, thunderstorms, anything that could potentially endanger the artists playing or any of you attending. Again, the weather forecast does not show risk for any of these at the time. Weather is always subject to change, but it’s looking like *knock on wood* a great weekend for an outdoor festival.

I have posted this before and I will post it again, the safety of all our attendees and their ability to have a good time in an environment they feel safe in is our number one priority. A lot of people have been sharing articles about harassment in the music industry. These articles aren’t just assumptions, wild accusations, or cries for attention, these articles are real struggles that women go through working in the music industry. Does every woman experience the same things? No. Is every guy in the music industry a scumbag? Absolutely not. Is every male at a music festival out to grope you and harass you if you are a girl / woman? No. But the reality is that there is a lot of sexual harassment that occurs not just in our industry, but all industries. On top of this, there is the constant battle girls / women have of being scared to come forward or scared to lose their job or career. We as men can sit back and be like, “man that really sucks, I would never do that, I hope that never happens to anyone I know.” or we can try to do something about it. While we will never understand the uncomfortable feeling a young girl or woman experiences and the adversity they face, we can take steps to change it.

So What Music Festival is coming up this week and I want every female attending to know if they are uncomfortable or are feeling harassed by anyone in attendance, anyone working the event, or anyone performing at the event, they may contact anyone one my team, or text my phone 214-697-8857 and let me know if it’s urgent and you don’t want to speak to security or police.

To all the boys / men attending the festival, please help us make this event welcoming to everyone. Don’t be the creepy guy that fondles a girl when she crowd surfs, don’t be the guy that grabs or touches someone that doesn’t want it, etc. If you see something, say something. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior.

Our festival is about bringing people together and not dividing anyone, if you have any issues please let me know. You can message me, text me, reach out to someone on our team, whatever you need to do.

If you have any further questions please visit our website and if you still have additional questions, email me:

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