Third String Records Opportunity

Los Angeles / Dallas based independent record label Third String Records is looking to grow it’s team. If you are interested in applying or receiving more information, please read ALL of the below before sending an email.

Third String Records, home to Assuming We Survive, Dear You, Desires, The Greenery, Idle Lives, Mariner, Take It Back!, Will Deely, and Words Like Daggers, is a small independent record label that builds partnerships with our bands and their teams to help further their careers and take them to the next level. Because of the owner of Third String Records is also the owner of Third String Productions and So What?! Music Festival, our bands are given an even larger platform via shows, tours, and festivals to gain a fanbase. All releases are also promoted through these social media channels as they are brand partners.

As we approach the July release of new new Desires EP and the August release of the new Idle Lives EP, it’s becoming more and more clear that we need to start building a team.

We are looking for the below positions to be filled. It’s important to note two things: First, your location is not important in our decision. All of these tasks can be performed from your home, as long as you are able to be reached via email, phone, or text when needed as well as available for weekly team conference calls. Second, currently all positions are unpaid, even the owner of the company is not being paid at this time. Instead, we are offering people a chance to gain industry experience, get in with our label at the ground level, and once it’s become clear a team member is going to be a permanent member of the team, they will be give a small percentage of ownership in the company, much like a stock option, as their compensation.

Of course we do eventually plan to be a fully successful label with a paid staff receiving salaries, benefits, etc., but for the time being, our dedication to saving all funds to reuse on new artists and new releases is our priority.

Obviously this isn’t an opportunity just anyone can do, totally understandable if you don’t have free time or the ability. There will be plenty of other opportunities with our companies as well as others, for you to work in music.

Ideal candidates will already have some level of industry experience and knowledge of the field they are applying for, as well as another part time or full time job so money isn’t an immediate issue.

Available team positions
Director of Operations
This person will be responsible for handling all releases from our artists, making sure pre-orders are properly set up, handling reports from all digital and physical retail stores, etc. 

Director of Marketing
This person will be responsible for creating and implementing strategic marketing plans to ensure our releases reach the largest possible audience as well as overall marketing strategy for the label and all artists. Creating brand loyalty is also very important.

Director of Publicity
This person will be our in-house publicist in charge of working on features for our releases, press coverage, album reviews, interviews, brand partnerships, etc. This person will also be responsible for working together with any outside PR companies hired for our larger campaigns. 

Social Media Manager
This person will be responsible for keeping our social media channels active and interactive as well as growing them organically through creative content and creating brand loyalty.


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