Every year, hundreds of bands submit to play So What?! Music Festival through our website. This year we decided before we pick the final winners, we would narrow down to a top 30 (which was extremely hard), and let the world know about these 30 bands! We had SO MANY great bands submit this year.


  1. I’ve booked Edorra many times and they’ve always put on an amazing show and get the crowd moving! They definitley should be on this!

  2. Hold close is phenomenal.
    Cedar Green
    Dwellings was impressive
    Second Best
    Tiny Kingdoms
    Mulligan’ Match has super good vibes

    Hold Close is definitely my personal #1

  3. Starting a band and it being successful means not being a dick. Edorra has successfully done this. They should most definitely be on the very top of the list.

  4. Edorra is a personal favorite of mine, I’ve seen them perform a few times in a few different states and they kill it every time. I’ve seen them open for acts such as Oceano, and Knocked Loose, and it was quite the show and they fit the bill perfectly.

  5. Sun City is super stoked to be on this list! We are different than most of these bands in sound and it’s cool to be apart! Check us out on instagram @suncitybandtx and bandcamp

  6. Edorra is one of the best bands around! Have seen them 10+ times and am amazed every time. They would be a great addition to this music festival.

  7. Personal number 1 choice would be The Bearer. They are a solid band of guys out of Austin,Tx that make great music and everyone should give a listen. 🙌🏼

  8. Second Best is AWESOME. It’s been so cool to watch their growth over the past couple of years or so, and it’s awesome to see what they’re able to accomplish with the help and support of the Michigan music scene.

  9. Second Best

    These guys can write great songs and have the true spirit of pop/punk in their blood. The band is hype as hell live and so much fun to watch.

    So what will be missing out if this band is not on the show.

  10. Second Best has such an amazing stage presence. They really have a passion for the music and the message they bring out with their songs. Each show I’ve been at where they’ve performed they’ve consistently improved. Their songs are catchy, the members are friendly and hilarious on and off stage. They help people with their music, and they’ll bring a lot to this show, just as much as big names like TSSF and Knuckle Puck. They are worth putting on the lineup. Despite their name, they really are the best in the scene.

  11. Second Best gives an amazing performance. They are extremely entertaining and high energy. I’ve seen them many times live and I would see them many times more.

  12. There are a lot of good bands on here without a doubt. I’d have to say my number one on this list would be Cedar Green. I’ve seen them live several times and they put on an incredible show. They’d be perfect for the festival.

  13. I’m not saying they’ll tear the house down, but The Bearer will sure as hell try. They’ve also got some kickass tunes, so your ears will thank you for picking them.

  14. I checked out all the bands they were all good but the ones I liked the most was:

    Hard close
    In ghost
    Second best
    Tiny kingdoms
    From Under The Willow

    My top three would be
    Hard close
    Radnor/ Mishandled

  15. When The Clock Strikes has an unreal energy and sound during their live performances. They’ll be your favorite band real quick.

  16. MIME GAME!! Dillon Teague Devoe was the lead singer of Josephine Collective, they used to play the Plano centre back in the day, is just amazingly entertaining!!

  17. Mulligan’s Match is one of the best local live acts I’ve seen. They have great energy and stage presence. Super tight and well practiced band

  18. The guys in Mulligan’s Match are great. Their music has a tremendous energy to it and they know how to bring people out to a show.

  19. Second best are some of the hardest working guys I know from my little home town. They have an amazing stage presence and everyone one of them is so sweet and humble. Each one of their songs are sung with such passion, its a wonderful experience seeing them live. I’d love to see them on this festival! It would be amazing for them and they deserve it 💕💕💕💕

  20. The thing that sets apart Radnor from the rest is their personal interaction with their fans – besides the fact that they make heartfelt, catchy, and amazing music. I met them at one of their shows in Atlanta, and I can’t say enough about these guys. What they do as a two-piece is absolutely incredible. I had a blast and whether or not they make it into this festival, they are rising to the top.

  21. Radnor are a really amazing band. I love their album Serenity Astray and have a very beautiful attitude towards how music should be.

  22. Totally love Radnor. Saw them live last summer and they really got the room going! And of course I love their music aside from their stage performance 🙂

  23. loved Second Best , scene them live they are very high energy and great stage presence , super down to earth and friendly , love all their music

  24. I absolutely adore Radnor, they’re such an amazing band. Not to mention some of the coolest and sweetest dudes ever! They’re just all around perfect, and I feel as if they should have a bigger audience!:))

  25. Mime Game
    Mime Game
    Mime Game
    Mime Game
    Oh yeah… And Mime Game!

    Those dudes are soo deserving of this chance! I’ve watched them kick ass and take names for the past 2 years and they’re getting ready to drop an album that will blow everyone away!

  26. I’ve been listening to Mulligan’s Match’S EP on repeat for months now – they have such a unique, awesome sound. Very happy to see they made the top 30!

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