Mayday Parade released “A Lesson In Romantics” in July of 2007. For some reason, I slept on this album for a while. I think I was too into A Day to Remember, Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals, and that whole style of music at the time. I honestly don’t even think I listened to their EP when it first came out either. Also during this time, my friends got me heavily back into rap, so there’s that too.

As lame as it is to say, what got me into this album and also the EP “Tales Told By Dead Friends,” was a break up. In early 2009, I was 23 years old and going through what would be my first real heartbreak. It was the first time I ever lived with a girl, the first serious post-high school relationship I had, and the biggest mess I ever let myself become. I was hanging out with some friends and they played “A Lesson In Romantics” and immediately I was like “where the hell has this album been and why haven’t I been listening to it?”

For some reason, the album had the ability to put me in a good mood every single day, so I would wake up and listen to it all the way through before I started my day. I would literally just lay in bed checking emails, listening to the album, and getting myself stoked enough on the day to get out of bed.

From the first time I learned the words to the first time we booked them to their most recent performance at So What?! Music Festival in 2015, I have screamed every word. It’s truly an honor to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this album with them in March!

Tickets, full line up, and info:

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